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Inhaltliche Beschreibung

Die Europäische Kommission hat eine Reihe von FAQs veröffentlicht, um häufig gestellte Fragen zur EU-Taxonomie zu klären. Dieses FAQ war das erste.

  1. What is the EU Taxonomy?
  2. The Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act
  3. Why do we need an EU Taxonomy?
  4. How does the EU Taxonomy fit within the broader sustainable finance framework?
  5. How does the EU Taxonomy define green economic activities?
  6. What is the level of ambition of the EU Taxonomy ‘substantial contribution’ criteria? Why is it something higher than EU sectoral legislation?
  7. What is the coverage of the EU Taxonomy and why are some sectors or activities not covered?
  8. How will companies use the EU Taxonomy? Mandatory use: disclosure / Voluntary use: guide for investments
  9. Will the EU Taxonomy be used elsewhere too? Green standards and labels  / EU instruments making reference to the EU Taxonomy
  10. How can companies benefit from having Taxonomy-aligned activities?
  11. How does the EU Taxonomy help companies transition towards sustainability?
  12. My company is an SME. Can my company also benefit from the EU Taxonomy?
  13. My company’s activity is not covered in the EU Taxonomy. What does that mean for my company?
  14. My company’s activity is not Taxonomy-aligned. Can this activity’s environmental performance still be recognised somehow?
  15. My company is taking steps to reduce the harmful impact on the environment of its activities. Will this improvement be recognised?
  16. How about companies without any Taxonomy-aligned activities? Will they lose access to finance?
  17. What was the process leading up to the adoption of the Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act and as of when will it apply?
  18. What is the role of the Platform on Sustainable Finance in developing the technical screening criteria?

Struktur des Dokuments:

In diesem FAQ werden in Summe 18 Fragen in den folgenden Teilen beantwortet.

  • What is the EU Taxonomy: Fragen 1-7
  • Use of the EU Taxonomy: Fragen 8-16
  • Process and further policy developments: Fragen 17 & 18